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Our Concept 

Generate a steady and sustainable revenue for NGOs and aid organizations!

What is SocialBnB about?

Our Mission

SocialBnB is a unique and innovative platform that links tourists with social homestays all over South-East Asia. The huge amount of tourists/backpackers/travelling volunteers who visit South-East Asia every year can book overnight stays via our homepage SocialBnB, thus contributing to the above-mentioned income diversification and the reduction of the dependency on donations.

Our Strategy

With the help of our developed guidelines, we support the establishment of social homestays either directly in the institution or indirectly in the employee's house. Furthermore, we will help to register the homestays and encourage guests to find a stay on SocialBnB. Part of the travellers’ payments covers the costs incurred for the overnight stay, a small portion is used to maintain the platform, and the majority flows into the projects!

Pilot Project

Go Pang Na The former teacher Seng Thy is one successful example and shows the origins of our idea: He founded a small NGO to give the children of his village Pang Na nearby Phnom Penh an opportunity to learn English. He was so dedicated that he built up an English school next to his house, where the children received free English classes. But his NGO was fully reliant on donations, without a sustainable funding source. When at some point donations stopped flowing in, he almost had to close his school. Therefore, we came up with the idea of implementing a social homestay at his house, financing the English teacher with the payments of travellers, who stay at his house for a couple of nights. Together, we accomplished to welcome 22 guests in just three months and provided permanent English lessons for the children (http://gopangna.com/).

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